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Ploey - You never fly alone

My reel (2013-2018)

About me

I’m Lies (pronounced as ‘lees’ 😉 ), a 3D rigger and mocap animator. Over the past few years, I’ve had the good fortune to work on three animated feature films, two animated shorts and a series.
After my bachelor degrees of Multimedia & Communication Technology and Digital Arts & Entertainment, I first started out as a mocap animator, but after a while I also became a rigger as I like to investigate how people and objects move. I’m more of a technical artist than a creative artist. Knowing some scripting languages helps me in developing all kinds of rigs. Planning is something I like to do, which comes in handy as the supervisor of a rigging team.

The films I worked on are:

The series I currently work on is: Next to my work as a rigger and mocap animator, I was also a lecturer at Syntra for 5 years. There I taught the 3D artist students basic rigging in Maya and Particles and Dynamics in 3ds Max.

I love to teach, which is why I started following a teacher education next to my full-time job. I graduated in june 2020 with great distinction (magna cum laude).

In my personal time I like to go to theme parks with my boyfriend and friends. I’m a fan of Disney and Pixar movies. If I can find some spare time, I also like to spend time on my first passion, photography.